Monday, January 22, 2007

Summary of Genesis 13-14 Discussion

1. Abram is first to leave Egypt for Canaan, a type

1.1. Being in the Promised Land requires continued work: the Promised Land is not the Garden of Eden; the idol/ fantasy is not the reality.

1.1.1.The Promised Land seems unable to support all who enter it—what does that mean?

2. Abram is the first peacemaker.

2.1. Making piece is a familial work as well as a work in the world.

2.2. Melchizedek, without lineage, is central to this work

2.2.1. It is relevant that t his is the first major departure from the KJV in the JST.

3. Abram is at the margins of the social world.

3.1 The Saints, as the anti-type of Abram, must expect also to be at the margins.

4. Because Abram has a family, he cannot avoid politics, a politics that culminates in uncalled for generosity which is, presumably, a reflection of 2, above.


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